How to upload data

Quick article on how to upload data to any app

Data can be uploaded in 2 ways:

  1. Universal Uploader - Drag and drop any supported data source into the universal uploader and it will redirect it to the correct app and process automatically.
  2. Use specific Uploaders - Use an uploader built specifically for a certain data source within a given app.

We recommend new users use Individual Uploaders.

Individual Uploader

Head to the apps section and choose the app you wish to upload data to:

Upon selecting the app it will take you to the Uploaders tab by default, if not, select the uploaders tab:

Choose the data source of choice and either drag and drop the containing folder or multiple files onto the page:

The platform will verify the file type at this point to ensure the format matches what we expect:

At the bottom of the upload page, click process files:

If you have any issues with file approval, check the Description column for information around the error, this is commonly due to:

  • Incorrect file name formatting
  • Incorrect uploader
  • Incorrect file type

For further help reach out via your support channel.

Universal Uploader



To upload data to the universal uploader, first head to the uploaders section, then drag and drop the parent folder containing all of the files required for processing. The structure of the folder does not matter, however the supported file types for each app to be used must be adhered to.

Allow for the files to upload:

Once they have uploaded the standard verification process will take place:

If you have not yet activated the apps, please do so now by clicking the activate icon:

Once all files have been verified you can click process files, this will then take you to the report page which will load once processed, if nothing happens, refresh the page.

Note some files may be flagged to be skipped, if these are meant to processed, check for the file name under the specific app that it is due to be processed by, sometimes this occurs in error however the files will indeed process if they are listed under an app to be processed.