Supported data sources for Oracle Database Manager

This article lists all the supported data sources.

The ODBM app accepts data from the following sources:

App Data Source Details
ODBM ServiceNow exports

ServiceNow Oracle GLAS Report exported from ServiceNow - .zip, .csv format. 

how to obtain
ODBM Flexera FNMS exports

Flexera (LMS OPTIONS) files for Oracle Database - .csv format.

how to obtain
ODBM Oracle Review Lite scripts

Oracle Review Lite output files for Oracle Database - .csv format.
ODBM Oracle LMS DB Collection


Output data from the Oracle LMS Collection tool for Databases - .zip, .tar, .tar.bz2 format.

NOTE: When uploading, there is an option to tick "send hardware data to IFMP" in the bottom left corner, tick this to process the CPU Query files.

ODBM Oracle Options Packs and Usage Statistics


Oracle's publicly available feature usage collection script - .txt, .out, .info formats.

ODBM Licenseware Collector


Licenseware data collection scripts for Oracle DB.