Supported data sources for Infrastructure Mapper

This article lists all the supported data sources.

The IFMP app accepts data from the following sources:

App Data Source Details
IFMP Oracle CPU Queries scripts

Output files from the Oracle CPU Queries script - .txt format.
IFMP IBM Hardware Management Console


Export from IBM Hardware Management Console - .xls, .xlsx format.

IFMP Flexera FNMS exports

Export of the LMS Details report - .csv format.

how to obtain
IFMP ServiceNow


Infrastructure data report from ServiceNow - .zip, .csv format.

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.xlsx export from RVTools (.xls, .xlsx)

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IFMP Vmware PowerCLI


Output after running the PowerCLI Script on your VMware  - .csv, .xlsx, .cls format.

Request scripts via

IFMP IFMP Template template

Request template via
IFMP Licenseware Collector scripts

Licenseware data collection scripts for hardware infrastructure.