How to manage projects

Projects in Licenseware are a simple way to manage data from multiple sources, projects, business units, geographical location, datacentres, customers etc. using a single account as all data is segregated per project.

Upon project creation all applications will be deactivated as not to assume which applications wish to be activated. In addition to this projects can be shared with other users for collaborative purposes.

To create a project first head to the Projects section:

Click “add project” and give it a name:

Upon clicking add it will create the new project:

By default it will not select the newly created project, to change the project select the circle to the left of the project.

To delete or edit a project select the three dots to the right of the project, this will allow you to edit the project name or delete it.

To share a project to collaborate with another user, click invite, you can add multiple emails:

They will receive email notification of access being granted, and upon accessing their project section will see a project shared with them which can be accepted or declined: