How to use the IFMP Template

Download Template

To process currently unsupported data sets, we reccomend using our templates, to process infrastructure and virtualization data, first download the IFMP template which can be found here: Download IFMP Template

Once downloaded you will see the xlsx has two tabs.

Completing Template

The both tabs are split in to two sections, the top half shows which columns are required, with information surrounding the contents to be filled in said columns.

In this example device_type is a required field and should be filled with a value listed beneath it, e.g. Physical or Cluster.

Next we have the section that requires completion, where all lines beneath "DATA LINES TO BE IMPORTED" will be imported.

When completing the template make sure to remove the example data provided in the grey section.

Make sure to save your changes.

Processing the Template

Using IFMP (Infrastructure Mapper:

Use uploader "IFMP Template"