How to use Oracle Database Manager

Get a high level understanding on how to use the ODBM app by watching this short demo.

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ODBM (Oracle Database Manager) is designed to help gain control of Oracle licensing. It identifies running options, features in use (including cloned/historic usage evidence), feature to version compatibility whilst checking the validity of the data generated. In addition, it reconciles this information with infrastructure data for a complete Oracle deployment and license requirement overview.

What data sources are supported currently?

- Flexera Oracle Options - Flexera (LMS OPTIONS) files for Oracle Database (.csv)
- Review Lite - Review Lite files for Oracle Database (.csv)
- Oracle LMS DB Collection - Output data from the Oracle LMS Collection tool for Databases (.zip, .tar, .tar.bz2)
- ServiceNOW Oracle GLAS Report - ServiceNOW Oracle GLAS Report exported from ServiceNow (.zip, .csv)
- Oracle Options Packs and Usage Statistics - Oracle's publicly available feature usage collection script (.txt, .out, .info)
- Licenseware Collector - Data from our custom collection solution
- Request new data source

Get a full picture of your license requirement by generating a consolidated deployment report with additional data from IFMP (Infrastructure Mapper).



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