How to use Infrastructure Mapper

Get a high level understanding on how to use the IFMP app by watching this short demo.


IFMP (Infrastructure Mapper) is the ideal tool to help get a complete picture of an entire infrastructure topology with comprehensive CPU, virtualization, and relationship details. You can combine IFMP data with data from other apps like ODBM (Oracle Database Manager) to generate consolidated reports showing actual license utilization across your infrastructure.

What data sources are supported currently?

Oracle CPU Queries Script - Output files from the Oracle CPU Queries script (.txt)
- RVTools - XLSX Export from RVTools (.xls, .xlsx)
- Flexera Oracle Infrastructure - CSV Export of the LMS Details report (.csv)
- VMWare PowerCLI - CSV output after running the PowerCLI Script on your VMware (.csv, .xlsx, .cls)
- ServiceNOW Infrastructure - CSV export of infrastructure data report from ServiceNow (.zip, .csv)
- IBM Hardware Management Console - Excel export from IBM Hardware Management Console (.xls, .xlsx)
- Licenseware Collector - Data from our custom collection solution


- Quickly map infrastructure topology from various data sources
- Supports all virtualization technologies (SunOS, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Oracle VM, Hyper-V, Vmware)
- Supports all levels of virtualization (cluster, physical, domain, pool, virtual)
- Identify virtualization levels and related relationships
- Determine CPU capping specific to each software vendor
- Determine license requirements


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