How to integrate the API connection between Lansweeper and Licenseware

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First within Licenseware ensuring you are in the correct project, then head to the integrations tab to obtain your Allowed callback URL, copy this for use in a moment.

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Next heading to your Lansweeper cloud, head to the settings section, developer tools, all applications then select add new application.

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On the pop-up ensure cloud application is selected then click continue.

Name the application what you wish, we recommend using the name Licenseware API, then paste the allowed callback URL obtained from licenseware earlier into the allowed callback URL field. Under the integration field, search and select Licenseware before clicking continue.

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At this point your secret credentials will be downloaded locally - we recommend destroying these once the setup has been completed.

Next open the newly created application in the application section, and click authorize.

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A new tab will open asking which sites to provide API connection with, choose those relevant and click allow, this will then re-direct you to Licenseware where the one time code field has now been populated on the integration page.

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It's important now to use this new tab for the remaining steps. To finalise the connection, open the credentials file previously downloaded with a text editor, and then copy your client id and client secret into their respective fields, before clicking save to finalise the setup.

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To pull data from Lansweeper in to Licenseware, simply toggle the app connections beneath depending on your requirements to begin pulling the data.


For further help, reach out to your Licenseware or Lansweeper representative.