How to get and use Snow data for Microsoft Deployment Manager

This article describes the high-level steps for exporting Snow data and uploading it to Microsoft Deployment Manager.

Open Snow License Manager, go to reports, and select the Applications per Computer report which shows all installed or used applications per device.

  • You need to filter the column called "application Manufacturer" to include "Microsoft".
  • Export the filtered results as .xlsx


  • It is required that the resulted output will have the following columns:
Computer name
Total cores
Is Virtual
ESX Environment
Application manufacturer
Application family
Operating Environment
Business Unit
Last used
License requirement
  • It is expected that the resulted output will be uploaded "as is", without altering or removing the column headers (this is used for the validation when the file is uploaded).


Upload the exported file via the Snow Uploader in Licenseware and click Process.

Screenshot 2022-06-10 at 14.25.20